Conference Topics

 School Topics

  • Reactions in crystals (photochemical, thermal, high energy radiation, etc.)
  • Crystallization phenomena (crystal growth, biomineralization, habit control)
  • Theory and modeling
  • Crystal engineering and supramolecular interactions
  • Metal organic frameworks
  • Polymorphism and phase transitions
  • Functional crystals (magnetic, metallic, semiconductors, photonic, etc.) 
  • Crystal dynamics
  • Polymers
  • Molecular Machines
  • Nanocrystals
  • 2D Crystals (self-assembled monolayers)
  • Pharmaceutical Solids

  • Introduction to Crystallography.
  • Structure of Materials.
  • Structure Determination and Refinement.
  • Crystal packing modes.
  • Crystal structure prediction.
  • Crystal nucleation and growth. Thin film growth.
  • The Organic Solid State. Reactivity.
  • Chemical Properties. Physical Properties.
  • Reactions in crystals (photochemical, thermal, high energy radiation)

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